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NYC Hypnosis Testimonials – Our Clients Tell You How They’ve Changed

Here’s a handful of testimonials from our NYC Hypnosis Office. Now, this is just a few. After 37 years, I have three file cabinets full of written testimonials, audio recordings (*yes, on cassette) and accomodations. I appreciate everyone who passed through my doors and trusted me to lead them to experience a way of living they had never thought was possible. When you come in, you’ll see for yourself.




Good afternoon Mr.Petrocelli,

I am writing to provide you with an update on feelings and performance
and to thank you: Three days after the session held last Sunday.  Overall, I feel really, really good.  Less anxious and tolerant, happy and ready to perform at work.  I don't seem to care when hearing negative comments (some obnoxious attorneys demanding hearings) and I'm so willing to assist the customer in need.

Thank you very much for providing assistance when I needed it the most.
Maria Antoinette 


I cannot say enough about John Petrocelli and the work he does, but in
particular, the life altering effects it is having on me personally.

I went to psychotherapy for 8 years to get to the root of my sadness. I
didn't understand why i carried it around with me since I was a small
 Yes, traditional therapy helped me deal with family issues, yet I would walk away still feeling that deep within me was a locked box that
preventing me from living my life. I was on the outside, looking in,
feeling marginal and  half-lived. I tried all different "spiritual"
paths, even went to Machu Picchu on a trek to find answers!

They say there are "no accidents in the universe". A series of events led me to Prof. Petrocelli's door. His lion-hearted techniques led me bravely into the recesses of my subconscious to confront and unlock that which seemed to be forever off limits and keep me in sadness.

We systematically addressed the anger, guilt and finally forgave that
which caused the dysfunction under hypnosis. Since starting the process, I have increased the amount of responsibility I can shoulder at my nursing job, improved my relationships,understand the choices I made, addressed my tendency to be a "hoarder", and the process continues......

I am not done yet...a work in progress...but with the generosity and
willingness of John to systematically give me the tools to slay my
"demons", I now know I will be okay. He is teaching me HOW to find the
answers within, while performing his unique brand of "psychic surgery".

Thank you for bringing me this far and having the patience and
intelligence to do so. I am truly blessed!

Claudia Weiner