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Making An Appointment And Confidentiality Agreement

Before We Start, Here’s Our Confidentiality
As Well As To Your Agreement To Us !!

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. We are trance producing creatures. My role is to act as your NYC Hypnosis guide, helping you to use your own powerful and  innate abilities to restructure your mind and achieve your personal goals and objectives. While physical as well as emotional symptoms are reduced as a result of the hypnosis process (the mind/body holistic approach), we are in no manner engaging in the practice of medicine, psychology or psychiatry nor are we engaging in any form of diagnosis, treatment, or prevention or in any cure of any disease or disorder. New York City Hypnosis Is a process which utilizes the same structure as you used unknowingly, to create the feelings, limitations, which were not beneficial in the first place.

Everyone’s  situation is treated differently depending on what issues you came in for help with. Most issues are usually dealt within three to four sessions over time. Some issues require just one session. It really will depend on how many contributing layers are uncovered creating the unwanted symptoms. When multiple causes are uncovered the work isn’t any harder, there’s just more of it to do. Be assured that our commitment to you is to help you succeed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Hypnosis allows you to succeed more quickly and more efficiently than most other methodologies currently available


Working Together

When we begin working together we form a partnership. Our role in this partnership is to use all of our skill and expertise to get you the results that you came in for.

Your role in this partnership is to be 100% committed toward achieving this goal and to accept all the instructions/suggestions given without analyzing, or rationalizing but rather to simply follow the directions given to you. Hypnosis is a powerful locomotive and the suggestions that you are given will form the tracks that will lead you to your success.

We will uphold our end of the deal by sticking to the following code of ethics:


Code of Ethics

  • We will do everything possible to protect and ensure your welfare
  • We are committed to helping you succeed as quickly as possible
  • We will always act in a manner that is both professional and considerate
  • We will respect you as the unique individual you are
  • We respect your right to be fully informed at all times
  • We will respond to your questions clearly and honestly
  • We respect your right to be heard and will listen to your concerns
  • We will never engage in any conduct that is morally or sexually inappropriate
  • We will use hypnosis only in the service of helping you reach your stated goals
  • We will use hypnosis only within the scope of our training and experience
  • We will cooperate as promptly as possible to any request that we coordinate with any other professional you may be working with
  • We respect your right to terminate the work at any time
  • We will always respect applicable laws and regulations



Fees are payable in full at the time of each session. Cash, Credit Card, Check  please.

Sessions are available at $250.

Session length ranges anywhere from Three to six hours. The length is determined by achieving the results you came for.


Scheduling An Appointment – Making Reservations

If you reserve an appointment, there is a mutual responsibility. We are responsible to be there for you, and you are responsible for the time you have reserved. In case you need to cancel, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. If you do not cancel with at least 24 hours notice, or simply do not show up for your appointment, please understand that not only results in lost income to us but wastes a session that could have been used by someone else. Therefore we require payment for sessions that you do not keep or fail to cancel with at least 24 hours advance notice (genuine medical emergencies excepted, of course).


NYC Hypnosis Is Located in the heart of Manhattan. This is the original NYC Hypnosis Center with Professor Petrocelli, with 36 years experience. Anyone can learn to hypnotize, it’s what you do there that gets the results. That’s where the experience comes in. Unfortunately in NYC, the current breed of hypnotists are graduating from diploma mills which means they possess a piece of paper saying they paid for a class and had their butt in it and required amount of hours. It that paper does not meant they have the ability to get results, have any experience, or, that they can ensure your safety during the hypnosis process.