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NYC Hypnosis: Increase Confidence .. Let your Self Esteem Soar

You experience moments where you doubt yourself. You don’t have the confidence, or you just don’t believe in yourself. How has this held you back? Are you ready to motivate yourself to new heights? Stick with me for a few moments. Won’t hurt. And you may experience a powerful change in understanding ….

You know when your life gets out of hand. You feel an inability to cope. Feel trapped, helpless.

Low confidence, to taking that first step, or any step for that matter .. to assert yourself. And you know this isn’t the first time it’s happened in your life.

Self confidence and especially, low self esteem, most often are a direct result of events, behaviors, attitudes, what was said, what we witnessed, when we grew up. Those first 10 years when we didn’t have that analytical part of our mind that could discern the difference. Comments heard, whether there were in jest or not, ‘You’re not as smart as your brother. You’re a bad child. Why are you soooo stupid …” Sound familiar? Right?

And these comments effects you today.  As an adult. Even though you should know better. When someone gives you a compliment and you apologize, you can’t accept it. Or You make excuses instead of taking just credit.

Or on the other hand, you apologize for the actions of others, the weather. “Oh, I’m sorry. That won’t happen again. How could I be so stupid. Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Feelings of deservedness. No matter how much you were responsible for the success of an event, a behavior, a relationship, you can’t allow yourself to be comfortable with it. “It was just a fluke. Anybody could have done it. I was just doing my job.”

Sure !!!!

We all, actually do, have an extreme form of self confidence. Some, are confident in knowing, they are not confident. You might be confident in knowing, you can’t do as well as the next guy. You’re confident that you don’t deserve something. We all really are, Very confident in what we believe.

Confidence is simply a state of mind. Self Esteem is an attitude. And just as you’re confident that you AREN’T  CONFIDENT, you can learn to be CONFIDENT that you ARE CONFIDENT. Confident that you can be successful. Confident that you can have relationships, be powerfully successfull …. Achieve your inner dreams …. Just a little restructuring and tweaking is what you need. And my powerful hypnotic regression techniques that I’ve developed, will help you, to move in the direction you want. To restructure that Confidence that YOU ARE CONFIDENT.


How would you like to be able to walk up to ANYONE, start a conversation, have unique things to say, even be the life of the party? Huh … Sound good … right?

How Would You Like to create powerful relationships.  Sounds Phenomenal. And I’m sure that inner critic in you, if he’s listening, okay, if she’s listening, is saying … ‘Maybe for other people, that will work. But not for me.”

Boy, that inner critic sure isn’t lacking confidence.

Lets look at my humanistic hypnotic process as simplistically as possible. Imagine the process as nothing more than a washing machine, washing and cleansing all the negativity out of your mind …… Lets go further, imagine you could relive all those early experiences with what you know now ….. You could go through those event totally different. Vanish, dissolve, evaporate, ahnialate the hold they had on you. Let go of the hallucinations you created  back then, with the limitations you had at that time. Experience those old memories totally different. You’d be a totally different person? Beginning to catch on? If not, you may have to listen to this message a few times … and maybe tonight, tomorrow, you’ll just say, hey, Professor, I got it. A little slow mind you….. And I’m ready to change. Book me in.

Give me a call, they call me one of the top hypnotherapists in the world, and if I was to negate that, that would also be an example of low self esteem, worthiness …. so … I’ll accept the title. The sessions we do together are long, powerful, and results producing. I don’t have to see you over a lifetime to get powerful lasting change. Only a few sessions are necessary. What are you waiting for.