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Hypnosis When A Relationship Breaks Up


When you are faced with a relationship ending, whether it’s a breakup,a rough divorce or death of a spouse,  the devastating  effects you experience are some of those most severest I have witnessed in my long career as founding member the countries premier NYC Results orientated hypnosis center …..the Hypnosis Center in New York City.

For some, relationships are fleeting and the past is just something they did in the past. Although you may be the committed one. You believed that relationship was going to last. You put your trust in it. And there were times it was good. But now it’s over. It’s like a door that was just  slammed in your face.

Feelings of grief, loss, betrayal …. It can last a lifetime. Even through subsequent relationships. You haven’t fully gotten over that first or important relationship. That first sexual experience. That first crush. Where life was sooo amazing and there was someone in your life that made it all worthwhile.

You may have been so invested in that relationship, you forgot who you are and find yourself repeatedly asking yourself, “How can I go on without this person.”

Emotional triggers are all around you. A song comes on the radio. Your favorite song. You pass a place you used to go. Your favorite tv show. Someone asks about your loved one, unwittingly reminding you of the past times together. Or you see that person who betrayed you with someone new. The amount of devastation you feel in inconsolable in that moment.

You might have gone the antidepressant route, or tried to console yourself with drink, drugs, food, cigarettes. And no matter how much you try, you can’t numb these feelings. You try to distract yourself. And despite the temporary relief, those feelings come back with a vengence.

Hypnosis and our Humanistic Hypnotherapy Techniques Can Help You Reframe Those Past Experiences

My unique blend of humanistic hypnotherapy, combined with a the most powerful, life reframing and disassociation technique gathered from the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) combining my recipe, in a relaxed state, can help you reframe that  past relationship into a learning experience, one that allows you to move one, grow, and be open to allowing new love, or simply allow someone else into your life (if that’s what you want).

Anger, depression, feelings of betrayal can last a lifetime if gone unchecked. You created the feelings of love because there was a time in your life, you didn’t have any feelings for that person. And just as you have created those feelings, you can deconstruct them, obliterate them and move on.

Initial Feelings After A Breakup

Fear, Sadness, guilt, shame, disappointment in your partner or yourself for letting you being gullible and the resultant anger ruminate throughout your mind. Like a gerbil in a wheel, those handful of thoughts play endlessly, tirelessly, non stop.

You find your confidence ebbs to a new low, are easy prey to new addictions, distractions such as drugs, alcohol.

Divorce or separation in many states, is a double dose of devastation. Many laws protect one sex over another, and in those areas, you may find yourself guilty when it wasn’t your fault in the beginning.

Give me a call and we’ll discuss your options. They call me the Professor, could be honorary degrees I’ve received from learning institutions like Belgium, and it stuck when teaching thousands of newbie hypnotists, facts I learned while doing long sessions dealing with World Trade Center – 9/11 clients and alcoholism. Take the time to benefit from my experience. You need it. You found us. Follow through. It will be the best decision you have ever made. Thousands of clients over a 37 career can’t be all making it up.

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