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Hypnosis – We Don’t TREAT Depression ! Living Starts Here!

New York Hypnosis:

Depression exists when negative feelings linger, overwhelm us, leaving us unable to figure out or understand why we feel this way. You can say, it’s chronic. Depression is also a label for the aforementioned symptoms, Depression is not a ‘Thing’.  I don’t treat labels. What I do do, is run you through a powerful hypnotherapeutic process, which I developed over the last 37 years. I was looking for answers, solutions, and like a great chef, the  process I developed, my humanistic approach, has proven effective for thousands. And surprisingly, when we clear up earlier memories, the afflicting memories, feelings, that are putting your life on standstill, That label: aka Depression, doesn’t bear any creedence.

You Will Experience ‘So-Called’ Depressing thoughts in your life …Everybody does …. After all, we’re all human.

For Some, It seemingly, can affect their personality, their thoughts, moods, their behaviors  …. and for years, destroying all motivation, all drive. In severe cases, someone experiencing these feelings will become suicidal. Affecting the way they feel and perceive the world around them.

You Cannot help yourself

When you’re locked in cycle of depressing symptoms,  you can’t simply pull yourself together and get better. And the condition is cyclic, it can go on for years, only progressing.

The Media, Society has an effect, Triggering Depression

Those happy, holiday commercials, being with family, is one of those triggers for those who are not on current speaking terms or have no family. My office gets nearly 2 dozen calls, the day before Christmas. People claiming they’ll never make it through the holidays because they get alone. Seemingly, two days after Christmas or the holiday, when they realized they made it through it and survived and nothing cataclysmic happened, they realize they don’t need our services.

One person’s happy thoughts can trigger an avalanche of depressing thoughts for someone, instigating feelings that they are different or don’t deserve what others have, deepening these negative, defeating feelings.

When these feelings become chronic. They don’t go away. Hypnosis, again, under your doctor’s or therapist’s guidance, can help you restructure those beliefs.

Life Changes That Bring on Chronic Hopelessness

Doctors report post surgery that leave you debilitated, bruised, battered, tired. In some cases, a return to good health proceeds on course, for many, the negative, defeating feelings, thoughts, behaviors creep up on them and effect their daily lives.

Depression After Miscarriage, Abortion ……

Complications that result in a termination of pregnancy have reported in many studies, women feel incomplete and empty, and the feelings left to their own course, continue for years.

Job Dissatisfaction / Why Did you Choose That Job

Psychiatrists, Doctors, Counselors who deal with other’s emotions on a consistent basis, working with a new term now being bandied about, ‘Emotional Debris’,  this energy builds up in them, to toxic level..

Over the years, I’ve asked many professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals, “Do you like your job?” Except for a few percentage, the response is usually negative. When I ask, ‘Why did you choose this profession?” A typical answer is, ‘It’s what my parents wanted me to become.”

No One Knows What You’re Going Through: PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER THEY TELL YOU !

It’s frightening when well meaning friends, family members, begin to highlight or take light at your problem, and illustrate, ‘There are other people worse off than you.’ They simply don’t understand YOU don’t have any control over your feelings. You can’t pick yourself up. IT’s not that easy when you’re powerless. Doing your best to function to just get through the day.

Well meaning friends, family members offering you these non solutions, also exasperate the feelings of guilt, inadequacy and embarrassment for not being able to control how you feel. Of course, this only makes you feel worse.

You may also feel embarrassed to ask for help. Growing up in Greenwich Village’s Italian section, no one went to a psychiatrist. The answer was usually, ‘You need a good beating!” And I’m telling you, I lost a lot of friends who succumbed to drugs and alcohol in their own attempts not to feel.

Clinical symptoms of Depression Include:

  • Feeling life is hopeless
  • Feeling worthless, helpless or guilty
  • Inability or difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling Sad, Anxious, a feeling of emptiness
  • Sobbing, crying, for no reason
  • Loss of interest in living / Suicidal thoughts
  • Changes in Sleep Patterns / Insomnia / Excessive Sleeping
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Complaints about persistent aches and pains
  • Difficulty in doing things, making decisions, motivating yourself.

Medication wasn’t meant to be a long term solution, but the billions made by the pharmaceutical companies have managed to convince us, you need to be on it for the rest of your life.

      How Does Hypnosis Help With Depression

My Humanistic Approach revolves around a few long, restructuring sessions in which we rescript those earlier feelings that are holding you back with the awareness possessed by your adult, conscious mind. After all, no body knows better what you want than you do …. But if you’re not sure, I’m an expert in helping you to break through.

Give me a call.