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Hypnosis For The Effects Of Abuse – Physical, Mental, Sexual or Emotional ….Move From Being A Victim

New York City Hypnosis: Hypnosis, our unique Hypnotherapy Process which helps you to rescript the emotional effects in a way that gives you a new resource and ability to handle … Move From Being A Victim.

If you’ve been victimized: Sexually, emotionally, physically, because long after, whether the issue has been resolved by the legal profession, the wounds have been healed, the emotional scars seemingly last forever.

You are thrown into a world you could have never imagined, losing trust in friends, the justice system, even in your own belief, that you can remain safe in a world that’s been turned upside down.

A basic need for humans is that of security: To feel safe and secure. When you are violated, the protective system of the mind, known as the conscious, rationalizing part,  may never let you experience that safety again as it replays those events on an endless loop

The legal system may have never entered into the picture. You decided to handle it on your own, telling yourself, ‘You put it all behind you’, but it isn’t that easy. Those suppressed feelings will eventually rise and even more powerful than before.

Being A Victim …..

Even if you recover from physical injuries, the emotional impact is still there, unrelenting, waiting for its chance, effecting you for months, years, a lifetime.

Effects include: Creating unknowingly, a Drug and Alcohol addiction in an attempt to suppress those relentless thoughts depression, flash backs, anger, sleeplessness, not being able to connect, always on ‘edge’, anxiety, irrational behavior … identical and similar to the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).

IF you’ve tried to cover up these feelings, put up a good front, may work in the short run, but you’ll find repressed feelings have a way of emerging¬† and manifesting in non resourceful ways.

Many schools teach, ‘Time heals all’. Yea, if you’re the one suffering, that’s just what you want to hear. You’re the one who has to live with it.

My humanistic hypnotherapy approach, a process, which we will do together as I guide you through it, will allow you to release the nightmare, combat the trapped feelings holding you back, allowing you to move on with our life.

Consult with your doctor. This is not a medical treatment. My method deconstructs, uses the same way the mind creates memories in reverse, the same procedure you experience day by day, buy with my guidance and your awareness of what you want in life, I can help you get there. Give me a call. I’m Professor petrocelli. Give e a 100 percent and I’ll give you a thousand percent in return.