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Hypnosis For Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, Cutting

New York Hypnosis and NYC Hypnosis Center

Trichotillomania: You have come to this page because you, or someone you know, experience an irresistible or compulsive urge to pull or pick out hair from the scalp or eyebrows. Although, in some cases, this compulsion gravitates toward the arms, legs, genitalia, underarm and legs and chest.

Many times, pulling out a hair, maybe that lone grey hair, was out of reasons of vanity. As time progresses and we age, one hair multiplies into many, and the picking, out of sheer and consistent searching for those stray hairs, like any repetitious behavior, becomes a habit. At that point, all hairs are in danger of being plucked.

Cutting, skin picking, all have roots in the same behaviors. Cutting, more prevalent in European society that on the shores of America, according to ‘cutters’ is an attempt to distract themselves from painful situations that are effecting them. It creates a subconscious escape from stress, anxiety, boredom or more painful issues.

Hair Pulling, Skin picking or cutting, is not normally a topic that’s easy to discuss with friends, family, even the medical profession. You certainly can’t bring it up at the dinner table. It’s embarrassing! It also increases feeling of anxiousness in the body.

Being Prone To Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, Cutting .. Can happen at any age.

As generations begin to accumulate more stress at earlier ages, I’m beginning to see more clients, both sexes come in. These behaviors can first start due to any major (or minor) emotional changes that occur in one’s life. Having this compulsive behavior, causes you to suffer from low self esteem, feelings you are not as good as everyone else.


And any ‘Learned behaviors’ can be unlearned. It my humanistic hypnotherapy sessions, we go one step beyond what is considered normal hypnosis to squelch those earlier emotional issues that may surface later on in other unwanted behaviors.