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Hypnosis For Fear Of Being In Closed Spaces – Claustrophobia

New York Hypnosis – Fear of Closed Spaces … Of Being Trapped – How Hypnosis NYC Style Can Help You

Claustrophobic Feelings, feelings of being trapped, whether it’s in a closed space, a crowed elevator, a room full of people, is a phobia that you may experience sooner or later in your life.

The places you may first recognize these feelings, could be in a crowd, a NYC Subway, a crowed bus or train, sitting in your car in traffic, tunnels, airplanes, nearly any place you feel confined. If you’re experiencing it, you know how it makes travel difficult. Many of my clients, after 9/11, found themselves in a trapped subway for hours, the diabilitating effects takes it’s toll to the point where in every situation, you’re always looking for an exit point.

Claustrophobia limits your life, miss out on events, to travel, parties. It also affects relationships as the extra strain, the excuses, the lying and denial of the problem, adds another element to this phobia’s schematic and problemic conditioning.


Ever feel panicked in an enclosed space? You know, where the Sweat just streams off you, rivets … Your breathing becomes erratic, You feel suffocated, you shake, feel dizzy, cry, heart palpitations, an overwhelming feeling of, ‘You need to escape .. Get out of where you are.”

Claustrophobia may have surfaced ORIGINALLY, as a way of protecting you.

Somewhere, Somehow, a situation occurred and you had to respond differently, immediately. Your body went into overdrive to protect you, whether the circumstances were real or imaginary.

In an overturned car … or it could be imaginary. I remember seeing the Steven Spielberg war epic, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ with Tom Hanks. The theater was equiped with this quadrophonic sound system. When the bullets and flying projectile exploded, it was like it was happening all around you. It was the first time I felt claustrophobic. I wanted out of that theater. And it felt so real to me, I felt like I couldn’t make it up the aisle. Strange, right? But not so strange. The realism of the sound had been programmed into me from childhood. Loud sounds on the side of the head … MOVE … GET AWAY … And in this particular movie, Spielberg wasn’t leaving it to change …..  It was at least a year after seeing this flick before I felt comfortable entering a movie theatre again.  For Mr. Spielberg, this was a case of being so successful in creating that realism. So real, it kept my hard earned movie bucks in my wallet for some time after.


In my approach, you get to experience those old event, but this time, with the knowledge and awareness of that adult mind. The mind that already has the facts and the ability to handle the situation different. And in a way, we purge the unwanted feelings from those memories in a way, where you’re back in the driver’s seat.