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Hypnosis For Eating Disorders: Bulimia, Anorexia .. and Binge Eating

New York Hypnosis Center

Eating disorders. You’ve grow up in a culture raised on cattle on non nutritous fast food. Ads scream at you, down from billboards, two for one specials, stuff your face less expensive than you’ve ever done before. TV commercials with clever lighting and million dollar budgets tempt us to overeat, while at the same time, we idolize pencil thin, fashion models, who are suffering from anorexia and bulimia.

There are too sides of eating disorders, both extreme: Eating too little and Eating Too much.

If you have an eating disorder, you might not even be aware of your abnormal behavior. Others have problems, not you. Eating disorders are based on obsessive thought, the end result, the eating behaviors serve a purpose.

Anorexia – “Starving To Be Thin”

Anorexia Nervosa, conservative estimates report 1/2 million people and low ball estimates say 2 percent of the population between 10 and 21 suffer from this secretive eating disorder. But this is a hidden disease, and as our world become more narcissistic, those estimates are only a base point.

If you think you have an eatingĀ  disorder, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have eating rituals? Are you becoming calorie conscious to the excess?
  • Do you skip meals?
  • Only eating a few foods in small quantities?
  • Feel no matter what others tell you, you are FAT?

You’ll see obvious examples of eating disorders in Hollywood. And when the actors/actresses are confronted, they go to great lengths to continue the deception and pretend that everything is okay.

Bulimia – “The Purging Syndrome”

The Statistics worldwide on bulima are misleading. It is a bigger and more secretive problem and the numbers are growing every year. It’s rooted in psychological dysfunction and in many cases, is life threatening.

Bulimia is a disorder where you eat out of control. Huge amounts of food, out of control, and then you use unnatural ways to purge the excess food: Like forced vomiting, taking laxatives, and excessive exercise.

The diet of those suffering from this disorder is usually an unhealthy mix of sugary and carbohydrate laden foods (comfort foods), vast quantities which result in guilt. The need to purge.

Because the behavior is deemed disgusting to society, this purging is done in secret.
But the signs in one’s health are immediately evident:

Teeth become discolored, weak, fragile because of the stomach acid in the mouth from the constant purging.
Hair becomes thinner, sometimes extreme hairloss

The disease manifests in trying to fulfill a need … and many are surprised when I say, “I betcha have a closet full of shoes!” As compulsive behavior like over buying, an attempt to fill that emptiness


Binge eating is an attempt to stuff emotions or fill an emptiness, but no amount of food can fulfill that emptiness, satisfy that need. Binge eaters eat huge quantities of food, unable to control the habit, frequently, sufferers are extremely obese leading to major health issues.

Although if you are suffering from this behavior, even with the knowledge you can’t control it, you feel guilty, shameful about what is a non productive habit.

Hypnosis Helps with Creating NEW HABITS !!!
Hypnotherapy Reframes The Earlier Memories that Causes On The Need To Consume.

Although you may have sought my help as a last resort. You’ve tried the weight watchers and slimmy slim programs, gone on the fasts, green juiced yourself to the point where you can’t look at another veggie, exercised to the point of causing physical harm to the body. You’ve certainly learned that you have to control your thoughts around food. What you didn’t learn, was how to deal with the emotional and compulsive drivers that cause you to eat. You learned how to put a band aid on the problem.

My Humanistic Form of Hypnotherapy, my unique recipe, will help you to rescript those early memories …. the misconceptions that are the basis of this compulsive behavior. Humanistic Hypnotherapy IS NOT THERAPY. It’s a process that allows you to reconstruct new thoughts, new feelings … even new hallucinations, because the original mental imprints tht you constructed without your mental awareness, just aren’t working for you.

The Unique Blend of Humanistic Hypnotherapy we will do together, allows you to identify, the root cause of the behavior and reevaluation the emotional constructs you made at the time, reformulating those emotions and feelings into productive, and constructive memories. Sounds good right … Too good to be true. And that’s what some would have you to believe, including many who say they have your best interest at heart.