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Hypnosis For Chronic Issues – Pain !

NYC Hypnosis For Chronic Issues … Unrelenting Pain …. Can Hypnosis Help Me

Experiencing any sort of medical treatments, you understand there is discomfort,vpain. You realize, you’re going to hurt a while as the healing takes place. You have good and bad days. The good days, as you begin to think differently now, manifest, when you feel a sense of control, of hope, you have evidence that healing is progressing as it should. Resilience is the word for it.

You realize, those days of discomfort will test your merit, and those family members, friends and loved ones that care about you.

You Have A Chronic Health Issue If ……

A chronic illness will effect the quality of your life and you’ll find, others aren’t as accepting of how you feel. At least, not right away. A chronic illness is defined as an illness that lasts 3 months or more … such as Diabetes, heart disease, Aids, PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, multiple sclerosis. The amount of chronic illnesses fill textbooks and they effect you in ways such as robbing you of health, causing you excess fatigue, take away your stamina. The activities you did before, you may need assistance with.¬† Certain activies, you’ll have to give up completely.

A chronic condition also effects you mentally. The constant worry of it’s progression, whether it will progress, the diabilatating health. The complications the disease or discomfort will cause. It’s effect on you financially.

The good days are plagued with wondering how long will this last before the next episode.

As humans, we never think about our health. Feel indestructible. Until of course, it’s taken away from us.

When It’s NOT YOU … But A Loved One who’s Health Has Deteriorated

Guilt is a major factor that comes into play when a loved one is sick. In relationships, many of the partners experience guilt for being healthy. Or you experience anger how this illness has put a burden on you, and resentment flairs up many times, against the person who is ill.

When that healthy person in your life becomes frail, ill, many feel guilty, affected emotionally that there’s a limitation as what they can do to help.

Chronic illness links to a feeling of losing control, fears of losing independence, a sense of helplessness.

An example of that helplessness affected me. I rented a kayak down¬† for a day trip through the sandy, pine filled and also tick filled, New Jersey pine barrens. Somewhere that day, I hadn’t noticed, but days later, doctor’s diagnosed a tick bite. It was a pretty rare disease called ‘Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.”

The symptoms took hold of me within hours. Riding home to New York City, I experienced a high. Later on that evening my fever elevated. I was burning up. Two hours later, my body’s core temp would drop. I’d have to sit in a hot tub. But it progressed, every 2 hours, either i was burning up or freezing. I felt my body was out of control. That I was trapped in this shell called a body. I was dreaming of death. I was scared. I quickly lost my independence, my freedom of movement, a sense of dire helplessness. Fortunately, my doctor, an internist, Dr. Catherine Lee of the Charles Wang Medical Center, a few days later called. “John, the good news: You don’t have lyme disease. The bad news: You have a very rare illness on the east coast: Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Thanks to her resourcefullness, after several days of powerful antibiotics, the symptoms subsided, but it was a long time before I was able to overcome the mentally debilitating effects of what I experienced. The hopelessness. If only there was another hypnosis practitioner that had the skill set as I did in order for me to be taken care of. You’re lucky. You have me.


In session, during the Humanistic Hypnotherapy process in My New York Hypnosis Office, we purge the afflicting memories which surface allowing you to make sense of what the illness is doing to you. To make mindful, choices as to treatment and changes you will have to adopt, alleviating the deabilitating worry.

Our New York City Hypnosis Clients Report

Our pioneering form of humanistic hypnotherapy has helped them reduce symptoms revolving around chronic pain, the negative emotional aspects caused by the health issue, relieve the stress in healing and treatment side effects, lower stress which in turn has an effect on blood pressure. Help you to sleep …. deal with sadness, self doubt, guilt, the limiting effects of mobility and regret.

Give me a call and we’ll talk. If you’re a candidate, and you’re ready, this might be a viable process to lift up your spirits and enable you to handle the crises and health problems which are caused by worry. Consult with your doctor.

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