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Hypnosis For Cancer

Hypnosis For CancerNYC Hypnosis has worked with hand and hand as a adjunct to the healing process. Many reasons are given as to why the body develops cancer, but a new train of thought has emerged in the medical industry amongst physicians that the mind plays a major role  and one’s mental attitude in the healing process.

When you think stressful thoughts, the body tightens up, blood pressure soars, we react — The Fight or Flight mechanism goes into effect. This is a very simplified concept of  how your thoughts influence your healing. Visualization has been used successfully in the healing process as well as in stress reduction.

Overloaded stress, consistent stress, taxes our physical body causing the body to react in ways it wasn’t designed ….. a cancerous condition. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (only a few are masters in this area) and rescripting past memories which are throwing the body out of balance can help resume take back control of the afflicted areas.