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How Can NYC Hypnosis Help ME ?

New York Hypnosis:

Whether you want to change a habit, change your state of mind, or really go out, and change your life, hypnotherapy combined with hypnosis (or hypnotic conditioning techniques) is one of the most reliable tools for helping your create this transformation.

You may want to improve or change something in your life,  or may be researching it for a loved one.

Maybe it’s a habit or limitation, something you’ve struggled with for many years. You might even have sought psychiatric counseling in the past, read self help books, taken courses, but what you’ve tried in the past, isn’t working and you’ll still stuck with YOU.

Consider our New York City System of Hypnosis with Professor Petrocelli, a 36 year veteran and creator of a radical approach called Humanistic Hypnotherapy which addresses that powerhouse of automatic and uncontrollable responses: the Subconscious Mind, the warehouse of locked in behaviors and imprints that control our daily life. Not caring if it leads us to success, but more than likely, if you are here, to failure.

Our unique New York City humanistic approach to hypnosis in New York, humanistic hypnosis, which I developed, is your proactive choice to help you obliterate those old barriers and improve the quality of your life, in ways you have never imagined.

DESERVED MORE FROM LIFE … HUMANIST HYPNOTHERAPY in Our New York Hypnosis Center Office can help you Restructure A New You, Obliterate that handful of  old thoughts that run endlessly  through your head like a looping record, out of control, infecting every waking thought.

How you can recognize if you have a problem?

Are you experiencing unwarranted and relentless anxiety, fearful feeling in your body. Whether its in social situations, around the opposite sex, in work situations, that keep you from being assertive, from pursuing the things you desire in life?

For many people, the first step is to figure out a solution to negate these problems. Where do I begin.  And the typical approach might result in counseling or therapy. But what if you don’t know what the problem is? Where it stems from? And even knowing that, will a course of treatment that revolves around reliving, rehashing, or drugging out the symptoms, really change how you feel internally … or squash the debilitating stress in your body?

Instead of trying to figure out why you are the way you are, how to distract those feelings using pure willpower, trying to conjure up some self control which you didn’t have which got you into trouble in the first place.  My Humanistic Approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, goes to the very root of the problem and detaches the negative physical sensations, and has you in time, not even wanting to allow those memories to control you, because the truth is, once you’re no longer feeling that pain, that emotional discomfort, it’s way too much of an effort to even try to go back there.

As you realize, these sessions are Extremely customized. The first session is long, even though clients report it went so fast, and can be from 3 1/2 to 6 hours.  3 Sessions for a so called NORMAL person are suggested, but some of our top clients who realize this work is what keeps them fresh, on the edge, and free from self doubt, make periodic trips in to deal with changing life situations.

      What Is Hypnosis ?


Let me state this firmly. I don’t treat symptoms. My nyc hypnosis process is using the power of your conscious mind (what you know you want and should have but can’t seem to achieve), to rescript the power of those past memories and use them as a stepping stone to grow from. 37 years are 12-18 hour days, working one on one and in groups with clients have proven that those who really seek a solution (and not an excuse), can benefit almost miraculously from this work.

Clients have reported to us, from going through this powerful life rescripting hypnotic process, they alleviated alcohol, cocaine and marijuana from their lives. The event that used to produce Anxiety (or anxious feelings in the boy) no longer do. Many have accepted their body and gotten past body image problems. Confidence in daily activities, in oneself, in relationships, in assertiveness as a new Self Esteem develops, an appreciation of yourself. Some clients have noted, that when the constant stress is abated, their doctors have noted that an untreatible and chronic illness as managed to go into remission or heal. Created pain from past memories creating physical pain has abated. Stress and hopelessness from failed relationships and divorce become less debilitating. Nightmares and dreams have abated and a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep has been achieved. Clients have gotten past eating disorders, grief, IBS, phobias and fears, PSTD, trauma, stop smoking, hair pulling, fingernail biting, victims of abuse, bullying, weight loss and much more.

      What Hypnosis Feels Like

No hypnotist, therapist or doctor can claim 100 percent success. But an accomplished one can be the greatest ally in guiding your subconscious. Again, the hypnotic contract is a partnership between you and your hypnotist. You have to WANT, DESIRE and BELIEVE in the results. Secondary benefit is where you get some sort of subconsious benefit from remaining stuck. Give me a call and we’ll talk about your best options!